MWFX designs and manufactures niche guitar effects using stomp-box style electronics.

The pedals come from humble beginnings on Facebook in 2008 to a similarly humble workshop and online shop based in Somerset, UK, We assemble and make the majority of the work in house and export to musicians worldwide.

The original pedals were point to point wired circuits in wood cases, with original effects like the Wave Machine, PWM modulator, 8Bit, Bitrate, Tape Saturator and Hard Sync. In recent years we have concentrating on the Judder pedal but are currently seeking to widen the range again. 

Our deliveries are dispatched from the UK with postal or courier services. Deliveries to the US don't normally incur import duty or VAT but most other countries do at different rates. There is a calculator at 

We mainly supply direct from our website at the moment, but will be supplying to shops again in the future. If you wish to make an enquiry please get in touch.

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