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 About Us:

Located in South West England, MWFX is a small producer of hand carved, painted and point-to-point wired Guitar pedals and effects. Based on high standards of audio engineering, each pedal is individually tuned and designed to create and maintain optimum tone.


  • Minimal Wiring
    – shortens overall signal travel and prevents circuit bleed.
  • Full Ground Shielding
    – eliminates all exterior noise.
  • Analog Circuitry
    – No digital conversions.
  • True Bypass Switching
    – leaves your guitar’s signal fully unaltered.
  • Anti ‘Pop’ Bypassing
    – provides silent and instantaneous switch operation.
  • Durable Housing
    – shaped from solid pieces of English oak.
  • Economic Current Consumption
    – minimises the need to change batteries.
  • Hand Made in the UK
    – individually built, hand painted and quality tested.

The Current Range:

   The Tape                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Our latest design, The Tape, brings to your pedal-board the kind of detailed warmth and saturation that only ferrite tape provides. Through discrete analog circuitry you are now able to replicate the deep richness and true grit that professional musicians and discerning ears yearn for!

Designed as a compressor come overdrive, at lower gain settings this pedal introduces soft warm compression to your signal maintaining bright overtones, perfect for boosting weaker pickups or placing at the end of your effects line for extra pressure and clarity. As the gain is turned further up into the red, smooth softclipping occurs mimicking that loud sound and bringing out every tenuity from your guitar or distortion. Maxing out the gain brings out some rich harmonics and turns the pedal into a beautifully responsive smooth overdrive. Used in conjunction with the saturation control you can go from a dynamic response to full on brick wall.

Sounds Like: Kings of Leon / Blur / The Stooges / The Strokes / Queens of the Stone Age / The Beatles / The Kinks / My Bloody Valentine / Sonic Youth / Pavement / etc. etc. 

Hear Sound Samples

   The 8-Bit                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Inspired by Atari, Nintendo, C64, Amiga and Spectrum (and possibly Acorn/BBC) The 8 Bit, our square egg, pulls apart the fundamental tones from your guitar note and turns them into ‘glitchy’ square pulses reminiscent of 8 bit computer music. From dirty octave down to pitch shifting trail offs this is a truly unique pedal.With just one control on top for volume, there are two settings inside control the texture and power bias of the pedal. Designed to react to the velocity and length of your guitars output, the 8-Bit is capable of raunchy bass synth tones to pixelated lead sounds.


Sounds Like: Daft Punk / 8 Bit Peoples / Crystal Castles / Hot Chip / Muse



Providing the guitarist with a chance to enter the realms of the synthesizer!! The Wave Machine is a multiple VCO for your guitar. Implementing similar wave shaping techniques to those used within vintage analog synthesizers such as the Mini Korg and Minimoog, the guitarist (or bassist/keyboardist) is provided with three wave shapes, Saw, Triangle and Square.In taking the pitch from your guitar’s pickups and moulding it into one of the three wave shapes, it is possible to create some unique guitar tones, especially when used in conjunction with other effects such as chorus, autowah and delay. The Saw wave produces a rich nasally sound, capable of mimicking brass tones whereas Triangle smooths your sound into something closer to that of flute and woodwind. Lastly Square wave gives your guitar that classic analog synth sound.

Sounds Like: MGMT / Super Furry Animals / Passion Pit / Fripp & Eno / Les Rhythms Digitales / CSS / Muse / Kraftwerk / Cluster / Portishead / Neon Neon

Fuzz has been an elemental part of the guitarists setup for forty years, its impact on music is so great that it could even be counted as an instrument itself. Our own addition to the fuzz stage features a properly tweaked circuit, tuned to work best with each hand picked germanium transistor.As with all our pedals we wanted to create a design which was versatile enough to suit guitar and bass, which is why we have added the bass switch. Not only will this allow your bassist to steal it for a song mid set, it also provides a deeper, heavier fuzz to fatten up your sound. Useful as a clean boost or overdrive at lower settings and an all out buzz attack at full, the Buzzby is a versatile and reliable ‘go to’ pedal for every guitarists board.

Sounds Like : White Stripes / The Who / Hendrix / Queens of the Stone Age / Rolling Stones / Mudhoney / MC5 / King Crimson / Sonic Youth / Kings of Leon / Paul Weller / Dinosaur Jr. / Eagles of Death Metal / Jesus and Mary Chain / Raconteurs




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