Envelope Controlled Hard Sync / Modulator

At it’s core is a hard sync effect. The guitar acts as master to a slave oscillator, switching it on and off. The pitch of this
oscillator is then either static or envelope controlled. Fixed flanger/short delay type sounds can be achieved in static mode,
whilst ‘electro auto wah’ sounds are possible with the envelope control switched on. Coupled with this is a second oscillator
to modulate the hard sync output, also with optional static/envelope control.


Option to add ‘Dynamics’ to the amplitude – the louder you play the louder the output. This is great when using the fuzz channel especially useful when using the 2nd oscillator in ‘Mod’ and ‘Tone’ modes. Without ‘Dynamics’ you have yourself an oscillator, with it you have a tuned drum. It should be heard.

Auto Sync – Hard Sync, Dynamic Fuzz, Percussion Synthesizer, Drone Machine… by MWFX