Judder 2022 Update:


The new version includes the following updates:

(issues fixed during previous productions marked *)

1. Layout change and all toggle switches have 3 positions.

  • All switches in central position takes the pedal back to simple factory/original setting.
  • Modulation has 3 variations instead of 1 (pitch up, pitch down, smoothed)
  • 3 loop length ranges
  • 3rd setting on the LFO/Envelope switch combining both functions.

2. The LPF (tone) replaced with a Modulation depth control.

3. Expression input updated for better integration with 3rd party PT2399 Tap Tempo boxes. It is 22k/25k expression pedal compatible (most common).

4. Detailed BPM dial with regular BPM’s.

5. Improved infinity/hold setting. Widened “hold area”, still allowing for a cascading effect if turned to max. The new feedback circuit maintains the original sound better over a near infinite time. Demonstration video coming soon.

6. Early Judder models picked up some noise if several high gain/impedance pedals were placed after. The Impedance has been lowered and all inherent noise filtered out. *

7. Improved JFET for muting the original signal. *

8. Some situations induced a small aliasing type click from fast muting. This has been fixed. *

9. Dry control is no longer a mix control as we felt this method works best in practice *

10. Faster envelope follower for quicker response to auto switching *