The Glitch pedal is an error inducing effect based around a slightly outdated 1970’s IC. The highly sensitive input produces an array of glitching sounds and odd noises relative to your pickup selection and playing style.

The glitches are then directly mixed with the signal, or used to modulate the clean signal with a MOSFET VCA.

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Glitch – Varies depth of error
Confusion – How easy it is to track the original signal
Lock-Up – Modulation length of error.

These controls will interact with eachother to vary how the IC works, creating an extensive range of unfamiliar waveshapes and noises. To counteract this (exit the mayhem), turning all controls to zero corrects the circuit and produces a steady, reliable octave up signal.

Frequency – switch sets how many octaves up the unit works at (1 to 6), with four modes (A to D) that and can be used in conjunction with a Carrier signal for a wandering pitch. 

CV output 0-5v,
Clock input will react to the leading edge of a positive signal (max 20v).
Both signals are accessible via 1/4” jack sockets located at the back of the pedal.

Centre Negative (Standard pedal power supply – not supplied)
2.1mm / 9v / 35mA

Input Impedance – 500kΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω

Dimensions – 120x90x70mm


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