A mid-fi sampler/repeater pedal that drops in loops of echo, volume, pitch and modulation effects on the fly using an intuitive switching system. These are labour intensive and only about 100 are made each year, grab one while you can


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The Judder by MWFX is a loop pedal that is set up to quickly drop in and out short loops and holds. The clean signal gets replaced by a loop of it at the press of the footswitch.

A guitar echo chip does the looping, it's intended for lengths up to half a second although it can be set beyond this. The main knob varies the loop length by controlling how fast the machine is running, this also changes the pitch of the loop. There are variety of switching modes and there's a basic LFO and Envelope Follower to trigger the effect and and modulate the pitch.

The switching is set to have a minuscule rise and fall that stops any non zero crossings (clicks) and the signal is split and recovered using a NE5532AP. This makes it unnoticeable when its running and provides high input and low output impedance but it's not true bypass.

Dimensions - 94 x 120 x 34mm

Pot Controls (left to right):

  • Dry Signal Volume
  • Feedback/Number of repeats
  • Modulation Amount
  • LFO Rate / Envelope Sensitivity

Toggle Switches:

  • Mode (Sound On Sound, Mute and Loop, Mute)
  • Loop Length Range (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Auto Switch (Trigger, Off, Duck)
  • Modulation Type (Up, Smooth, Down)
  • Control (LFO, Mixed, Envelope)


  • Right Footswitch - Momentary
  • Left Footswitch - Latching (inverts momentary foot switch action)
    Switching can be triggered using the AUTO switch.


  • 27ms - 300ms
  • DC 9v / 35mA.  (2.1mm Standard Centre Negative)
  • Input Impedance - 330k Ω
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ω
  • Expression Pedal Input - Controls Central Knob, Accepts (3rd party) PT2399 Tap Tempo Boxes, CV and 22/25k Expression pedals

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 18 × 23 cm


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