Judder – Wooden Version


On the fly sampler that drops in loops of echo, volume, time and modulation effects using an intuitive switching system. Loops will repeat at the same volume for as long as the footswitch is held, gradually degrading with a subtle tape echo effect.

There are two versions, this is the larger version and is also available in a metal case. This wood version has variations marked with *

The unit works as a mid-fi momentary sampler, silently recording in the background until the momentary footswitch is pressed down. At this point, a short continuous loop of what was just recorded is played until the switch is released. The clean original signal immediately returns after, allowing for constantly renewable looping. 

For this basic effect and no more please see the Mini Judder pedal, for advanced Modulation, Automatic Triggering and Signal Filtering options stay on this page.

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Pot Controls:
HOLD – Feedback, number of repeats, Constant hold at 12 o’clock.
*MOD – Modulation / Pitch variation depth
MIX – Dry / 100% Wet ratio for playing alongside sample
LFO/ENV – LFO Speed / Envelope sensitivity
LENGTH – (main control for length of repeat)

Slide Switches:
JUDDER/LAYER/MUTE – Single sample/Sound on Sound/Killswitch
*MOD. – Varies direction and gentleness of modulation
*LFO/ENV – LFO, Envelope + LFO, Envelope
AUTO – Turns on LFO/ENV control for Triggering/Ducking effect
RANGE – Long/Medium/Short sample modes

*Touch sensitive for desktop use.
Right Footswitch – Momentary
Left Footswitch – Locking (inverts momentary foot switch action)
N.B. Footswitches can then be automated/triggered using the AUTO controls and variations.

Input / Output – 1/4″ jack, setup for guitar but will accept microphones, keyboards, drums, mp3 players etc.
Expression Pedal Input – Controls LENGTH. 20k Nominal, TS and TRS compatible, simply wire a 20k variable resistor between Tip and Sleeve. (remote control available here). Will also accept CV of up 5v.
F/S Input – Controls Momentary footswitch remotely, connection between tip and sleeve. Will also accept CV up to 15v

Echo Chip – PT2399 Faux Analog Echo. The fast clickless switching allows cutting into repeats and can also be used like a standard echo/delay.

Short Mode – sample length: 27ms – 300ms
Long Mode – 27ms to 10 Seconds (becoming heavily bitcrushed/noisy)

Centre Negative (Standard pedal power supply – not supplied)
2.1mm / 9v / 35mA

Input Impedance – 500kΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω

Dimensions – 100 x 130 x 70mm


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