A mid-fi sampler/repeater pedal that drops in loops of echo, volume, pitch and modulation effects on the fly using an intuitive switching system.

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The Judder pedal is instant phrase sampler of 27ms - 300ms, with the ability to easily manipulate the rate (pitch) and switching using a momentary footswitch, triggered envelope and LFO control.

An imitation tape loop circuit records silently in the background. Holding down the momentary footswitch toggles from record to playback - where it outputs a loop of what last went in. Releasing the button briefly records in snippets of sound, to cut up & add more to the loop. 

The fast but clickless switching and feedback path circuitry allows for quick infinite loops that degrade very slowly over time with analogue character. 

Dimensions - 94 x 120 x 34mm

Pot Controls:
1/4 BPM - Big central control for length of loop (pitch) with BPM guide
Hold - Feedback, number of repeats. Constant in middle
LPF - Tone control
MIX - Dry signal volume
LFO/ENV - LFO Speed / Envelope setting sensitivity (switched between by toggle below)

Toggle Switches:
LAYER/JUDDER/STUTTER - Sound on Sound/Single Sample/Killswitch
MOD. - LFO/Envelope modulation of loop speed (pitch)
RANGE - Short/Long sample modes (up to 10 seconds with interesting degradation)
LFO/ENV - Toggles between two modes
AUTO - Turns on LFO/ENV control for Tremolo type switching or Triggering/Ducking effect

Right Footswitch - Momentary
Left Footswitch - Latching (inverts momentary foot switch action)
N.B. Footswitches can then be automated/triggered using the AUTO controls and variations.

Short Mode - sample length: 27ms - 300ms
Long Mode - 27ms to 10 Seconds (becoming heavily bitcrushed/noisy)
DC 9v / 35mA.  (2.1mm Standard Centre Negative)
Input Impedance - 500kΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω
Expression Pedal Input - Controls 1/4 BPM
20k Nominal, TS and TRS compatible, simply wire a 20k variable resistor between Tip and Sleeve. (remote control can be bought separately). Will also accept CV of up 5v,

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 18 × 23 cm


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