A mid-fi sampler/repeater pedal that drops in loops of echo, volume, pitch and modulation effects on the fly using an intuitive switching system.

The Judder pedal is constantly recording onto a loop in the background, sending clean guitar to the output as normal until the footswitch is pressed down. At which point, a looping repeat of what was recorded immediately before is outputted.

Recording immediately resumes when the button’s released. Allowing for fast renewable looping that you can easily resample in time with the music or cut between and glitch new parts into.

In this larger version of the pedal there are several in depth settings, unique modulation effects and options for automatic triggering of the effect with guitar or LFO. 

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The pedal uses a vintage digital chip’s emulation of analogue and this circuit allows for it to be pushed to it’s limit. At longer loop settings it can get crunchy and noisy, slowing down until the individual bits can be heard, whilst at faster rates it handles itself well and can always maintain a constant volume as it continues repeating. The loops gradually evolve in sound over time, like an analogue echo might, and their pitch and rate can be manipulated by the main central control, LFO and guitar signal velocity.

Pot Controls:
1/4 BPM – Big central control for length of loop (pitch) with BPM guide
Hold – Feedback, number of repeats. Constant in middle
LPF – Filters the looped sound
MIX – Dry / 100% Wet ratio for playing alongside sample
LFO/ENV – LFO Speed / Envelope setting sensitivity

Toggle Switches:
LAYER/JUDDER/STUTTER – Sound on Sound/Single Sample/Killswitch
MOD. – LFO/Envelope modulation of loop speed (pitch)
RANGE – Short/Long sample modes
LFO/ENV – LFO or Envelope switch
AUTO – Turns on LFO/ENV control for Tremolo/Triggering/Ducking effect

Right Footswitch – Momentary
Left Footswitch – Locking (inverts momentary foot switch action)
N.B. Footswitches can then be automated/triggered using the AUTO controls and variations.

Short Mode – sample length: 27ms – 300ms
Long Mode – 27ms to 10 Seconds (becoming heavily bitcrushed/noisy)
DC 9v / 35mA.  (2.1mm Standard Centre Negative)
Input Impedance – 500kΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω
Expression Pedal Input – Controls 1/4 BPM
20k Nominal, TS and TRS compatible, simply wire a 20k variable resistor between Tip and Sleeve. (remote control can be bought separately). Will also accept CV of up 5v,

Dimensions – 94 x 120 x 34mm


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