Judder – True Bypass Version


True Bypass Option – *discontinued* (many found the true bypass impossible to notice and unnecessary) see YouTube video demonstrating this. Pedal available on request.

A mid-fi sampler/repeater pedal that drops in loops of echo, volume, pitch and modulation effects on the fly using an intuitive switching system.

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This is the true bypass version which has a mechanical true bypass switch, to do this the latching (hold) footswitch is removed and replaced, the rest of the function is the same as the non true bypass version.

The Judder pedal is instant phrase sampler. Tapping or holding down the momentary foot switch repeats a near infinite loop of what you just played. Releasing the footswitch clears the sample and silently records new loops until you press the button again. The fast but clickless switching allows for ever changing, on the fly loops that can be cut into and manipulated or held for long periods with a slow tape style degradation.

The length of the sample is dictated by the main knob which adjusts sample rate (pitch), taking loops of 27ms - 300ms, with the option of slowing the sample down to individual blips and bleeps of the memory. This larger version includes automatic triggering of the effect using the envelope of the guitar or LFO. The envelope and LFO voltage signals can also be used to modulate the pitch of the sample.

These extra options turn the pedal from a looper into a standard delay, with options for gated or ducked echo (that resets with each gate), envelope controlled chorus, pitch shifted echo and arpeggiator effects.

Dimensions - 94 x 120 x 34mm

Pot Controls (left to right):

  • Dry Signal Volume
  • Feedback/Number of repeats
  • Modulation Amount
  • LFO Rate / Envelope Sensitivity

Toggle Switches:

  • Mode (Sound On Sound, Mute and Loop, Mute)
  • Loop Length Range (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Auto Switch (Trigger, Off, Duck)
  • Modulation Type (Up, Smooth, Down)
  • Control (LFO, Mixed, Envelope)


  • Right Footswitch - Momentary
  • Left Footswitch - True Bypass


  • 27ms - 300ms
  • DC 9v / 35mA.  (2.1mm Standard Centre Negative)
  • Input Impedance - 330k Ω
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ω
  • Expression Pedal Input - Controls Central Knob, Accepts (3rd party) PT2399 Tap Tempo Boxes, CV and 22/25k Expression pedals

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Dimensions 13 × 18 × 23 cm


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