On the fly sampler that works by muting the input and replacing it with looped repeats of what was just played into it. Loops will repeat at the same volume for as long as the footswitch is pressed down, gradually degrading with a subtle tape echo effect.

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Mode switch (top left) – Layer (sound on sound), Judder (mute input and repeat loop), Mute (killswitch), Bypass (mechanical true bypass of pedal)
Hold control (top right) – Sets Feedback / number of repeats (from single repeat to ramping feedback – constant hold at 12 o-clock)

Momentary Footswitch – Engages loops when pressed

Centre Negative (Standard pedal power supply – not supplied)
2.1mm / 9v / 35mA

Input / Output – 1/4″ jack, setup for guitar but will accept microphones, keyboards, drums, mp3 players etc.

Input Impedance – 1MΩ
Output Impedance – 200Ω

Expression Pedal Input – 20k Nominal, TS and TRS compatible, simply wire a 20k variable resistor between Tip and Sleeve. (remote control can be bought separately). Will also accept CV of up 5v.

60 x 60 x 110mm


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