The second version of the MWFX Tremolo pedal with tap tempo, interesting waveforms and upgraded features. Including, CV output for communicating the various waveforms to synthesizers and a Clock Input for synchronising the LFO to a universal clock signal. Upgraded VCA for increased headroom.

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Depth – Controls how deep a variation in volume
Shuffle – Squeezes waveforms for Schaffel effect
Rate – Manual control LFO speed.

Waveforms – 8 uniquely shaped waveforms

Range – multiplies the speed from half, double, triple, 4x, 6x
Tap – Tap Tempo

True Bypass

CV output 0-5v,
Clock input will react to the leading edge of a positive signal (max 20v).
Both signals are accessible via 1/4” jack sockets located at the back of the pedal.

Centre Negative (Standard pedal power supply – not supplied)
2.1mm / 9v / 35mA

Input Impedance – 500kΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω



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