The Wave Machine acts in a similar way to a VCO module in that it outputs 5 different wave shapes. By implementing wave
shaping techniques similar to those used in many vintage analog synthesizers it’s possible to produce Saw, Triangle, Sine,
Pulse and Square wave versions of your guitar signal. It wont track your input pitch, so it wont wobble about trying to make
one note from a chord. However, it isn’t polyphonic. The output waveform inter-modulates and distorts chords.

Available in two versions:

Wave Machine: Volume, Mix control for blending the effect with the unaffected signal – perfect for bassists

Epic Wave Machine: Volume, Mix control (as above), also allows the user to simultaneously mix each waveform for creating unique wave-shapes. Tone and Dynamic controls. When Dynamics are fully turned up the amplitude follows the input envelope, when turned down the output signal is flat, linear and gated.

Wave Machine – Guitar Pedal Based Waveshaper / Synth Effect by MWFX